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Icons by Gasmask
21st-May-2006 01:13 am - #24 Love Contract
#23 Love Contract (ep 1 & 2)

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15th-May-2006 07:45 pm - Affiliating
Thought I should do an affiliates post.

Want to affiliate with fandomite? Then comment on this post!

15th-May-2006 07:10 pm(no subject)
#12 Goong ep.4 icons
#2 Nobuta wo Produce
#5 Block Party
#1 Fischerspooner
#4 Panic! At the Disco

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13th-May-2006 11:38 pm(no subject)
#13 Goong ep.2 icons

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Pimp: I just created adrama_icons for icons of Asian dramas. Go join! XD
19th-Apr-2006 10:43 pm(no subject)

I canceled the challenge, so no more icons.

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13th-Apr-2006 12:34 am - Princess Mononoke
#11 Princess Mononoke icons

I didn't realize until I was good and finished that I made no icons of Mononoke herself. Meh, maybe next time.

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24th-Mar-2006 09:46 pm - Carnivale: Venice, Italy
#27 Carnivale icons

I can't read Tanith Lee without yearning to one day visit Venice.

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9th-Mar-2006 01:16 pm - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
#7 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Icons

I watched F&L again last night and was overcome with the urge to make icons for it. Guh! How I love that movie. Hunter S Thompson and Johnny Depp = OTP. ;P

I'm not too proud of this set. It's my first attempt at using curves.

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